Data Appraisal Co. Ltd

DACL is an affiliate of Brittania-U Group with focus in subsurface engineering.


       Seismic data

DACL’s operations are fully automated with all the modern facilities and technologies needed for comprehensive oil and energy appraisal – from engineering to static modeling through dynamics to complete field appraisal, DACL was established to provide energy companies, including Brittania-U, technology and knowledge driven subsurface Engineering services.

With a team of experienced professionals, DACL enables companies to optimize exploitation of its assets at reduced costs, as well as provide them with the needed team of data analysts, geologists and engineers needed to run successful appraisal programs.

Due to the spare capacity and level of experience of Principals, the concept of Data Appraisal Company was able to utilize spare capacity in this area for clients and was able to sustain the high caliber of Nigerian professionals available to achieve Brittania-U growth aspirations. The company successfully appraised the mapping as well as identified the new coordinates for our new successful well completed in 2013 in collaboration with Schlumberger group. The appraisal discovered a new, previously unmapped zone. The team of seasoned geologists and petroleum engineers are poised to provide quality services to clients in and out of Nigeria. The management is exploring partnerships with companies with similar ethical and professional values.

Scope of services provided by DACL includes:

Geological and Geophysical Studies

  • Seismic Data Quality Control
  • Geophysical & Geological Interpretation
  • Integrated G & G Studies
  • Static Modeling
  • Workstation Services

3D Geological & reservoir Static Modeling

  • Extensive experience with Petrel
  • Integration of Petrophysics, Geological, Geophysics, and Well Engineering data
  • Stochastic modeling

Reservoir Engineering

  • Field Development planning
  • Depletion Performance prediction
  • Water-flooding
  • EOR studies & Miscible flooding
  • Material Blance using MBALTM
  • 3DStatic Modeling: PETRELTM
  • Reservoir Simulation usin black oil, composition or thermal in IMEXTM Eclipse TM

Technology and Systems

  • Seismic Interpretation Workstations – Open Works
  • Petrophysics Workstation – Powerlog & Interactive Petrophysics
  • Geological Modeling Worksation – Petrel
  • Reservoir Modeling Workstation – Eclipse
  • Petroleum Egineering Analysis using : MBAL, PROSPER, WELFLO,FORRGAS, PIE, MONTE CARLO

The DACL sub-surface engineering group is the first of its kind to be owned by indigenous Oil and Gas Company. The company has all the latest software and services that any international company can provide.